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2010 Air Shows

Grimes Field B-25 Gathering

Location: Grimes Municipal Airport, Urbana, Ohio
Admission: FREE
Parking: Free on site
Value: Excellent
The Grimes Gathering of B 25s on April 15 and 16, was not an air show but a staging of 17 B-25s in preparation for their flight to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio where they would perform a ceremonial fly over honouring the veterans from "Doolittle's Raiders". The Grimes Municipal Airport is located in Urbana, Ohio. Two P 51s also flew in, Gentleman Jim and Old Crow.

A lot of spectators attended thee vent. For a small fee, they could crawl through some of them and learn how cramped the spaces are inside a B-25.  In addition to ramp inspections, several B25s were selling rides.  

The highlight of the event was the formation flying involving Panchito as lead, Axis Nightmare as number two and Wild Cargo in the number three position of an echelon right formation with the P 51s flying escort. We will probably not see these aircraft gathered again. Volunteers from the Champaign Air Museum ( especially Mike Wallace,  provided extraordinary support for the show and media representatives."

The participating 25's were:

Pacific Prowler

Yankee Warrior

Miss Mitchell
Maid in the shade
Wild Cargo
Pacific Princess
The Yellow Rose
Devil Dog
Lady Luck

Betts Dream

Axis Nightmare
Miss Hap

Show Me


Take Off Time

Briefing Time

Barbie II

Rating: Since it was not an air show per say, it will not be rated, apart from saying it was an excellent once in a life time experience.

Review and photos by Andrew. J. Warren
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